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Tunebug Vibe


The most fun I've had with a speaker, sounds good too!
I bought Tunebug Vibe as traveling speaker due to the small size and 5 hour battery life. It has exceeded my expectations with better than expected battery life and a great conversation starter. Literally, ANY surface can become a speaker. Some good and some bad, but just pick up and move to another surface and you'll be surprised. I turned my oven, counter top, window sill, even the tub and the toilet can be a speaker! You'll quickly learn that most any holllow surface will provide great sound with surprisingly strong bass. I even turned the car trunk and wall into a speaker. I never knew a speaker could be so much fun.

What A Party Trick
At first I placed the tunebug on a solid surface and was very disappointed in the contraption. The very next day I brought it to my friend's house and spent 1 hour playing with the bugger. We ran around the house placing the tunebug on every single surface possible. Not only was this enjoyable, it was also impressive what the tunebug could really do. We found that it sounds the best on thin, hollow items such as cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, buckets, plastic containers, and car trunks(believe me, you won't be disappointed with the trunk. We also tried it on a bike helmet, I'll leave it to you to discover this eye-popping experience (try it with the helmet on).

Sweet little speaker
I recently bought this speaker and I am very pleased with it. Right when I got mine I took it out of the box and starting putting it on everything in my house that I could think of. How it turns surfaces into speakers beats me but its awesome. The speaker has a different sound when placed on different objects, which is cool to experiment with. The battery life is really good and it charges quickly. If you need a speaker and don't have the desk space for it I would recommend you get this. It would be nice to have a volume control on the device itself but thats the only thing I would change. But overall this is a good small speaker with some quality sound.

Tunebug Vibe - Very Impressive....
Based upon the surface it is on, I was favorably impressed with the sound quality of the Tunebug Vibe from both a laptop & iPods. It is far superior, on the right surface, to the on-board speakers on a laptop. The Tunebug Vibe frequency response was amazing, again, on the right surface. We tried helmets, bowls, cylindars, flat surfaces, boxes as well as many other platforms and the sound quality was impressive. Some surfaces projected a good frequency range much better than others but with a good surface to project the sound - it was great ! Cool device - great idea!

  • Turns many surfaces into a flat panel speaker
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Connects to MP3 players, mobile devices, laptops or any other device with a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Patented SurfaceSound Technology
  • Brushed metal housing
  • Illuminated power button
  • Includes USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable

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