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Tunebug Shake


Rocking Out
I'm really excited to bring Tunebug into the mix of things this year, not only does their top-notch product turn my helmet into a speaker but it changes the way I ride in a multitude of ways, it eliminates wires, gets ride of earbuds and allows me to chat with my riding buddies, adds an element of safety and just generally allows me to rock out while out on the bikes!

Fun, Relaxing, Stress-Free
Riding with the shake adds a new level to cycling. Music without earbuds is very relaxing and allows for a stress free ride. With ear buds i was always looking over my shoulder for cars, but with the Shake i can just focus on riding. It has actually made me want to ride more.

A great solution and a fun piece of tech.
I commute to work on the streets of New York City, so I need to keep my ears free to stay on top of what's going on around me. But I also do some freelance music writing, so I have to listen to a lot of music on a regular basis. Fortunately, the Tunebug Shake provides a great solution to my problem. The device pairs easily with my Droid, and plays music in a way that is safe and not distracting for my commute. The volume is more than adequate, and the bluetooth works great (no skips or hiccups or whatever.)

Amazing Device. Fun. Safe. Recommended.
Purchased Tunebug as a way to listen to music while riding my bike. I was amazed at the ability to ride, hear music, engage in conversation with others riding bikes without sweaty earbuds or wires to manage. The Shake includes a neoprene mount for a vented bike helmet and a three strap mount with velcro like fasteners for a skateboard, snowboard or in our case equestrian helmet. I'm using the neoprene mount on a bike helmet while my wife uses the three strap mount for her horse helmet. Affixing the straps is relatively easy, however you should play with the placement on the helmet for the best sound. About 2/3 of way from the front to back of the helmets in the middle seemed to sound best.

We bought two Shakes - paired one with an iPhone and the other with a Blackberry. Both worked well, easy pairing and streaming music begins automatically if you have the iPhone (or iPod Touch) paired. I noticed the the iPhone had better sound - mostly because of the EQ feature of the iPod functionality, while the Blackberry required some tweeking of it's own EQ settings before I was able to hear better bass response. Volume was very good and in fact had to turn the volume down a few times depending on the song. If you have an iPod, soundcheck on is a good option.

Riding uphill the music allowed me to motivate myself by rocking to some good tunes. Downhill riding about 35 MPH, you could hear wind noise, however driving a convertible as you increase speed requires you to turn up the radio in the car, so it was expected. I really didn't want to take my hand off the handlebars to increase the volume while traveling 35 MPH downhill. As for my wife on horseback, she loves it. Allows her to trail ride, work the horses and enjoy the outdoors even more. The music seemed to have a calming effect as well on the horses. She also listens to "books on tape" or lessons that have been turned into MP3's on iTunes. She's the main reason why I had to buy a 2nd Shake as mine went missing.

The Shake also works well as a portable speaker by placing it on any flat hollow surface - cooler, garbage can, hood of car, even leaving it on top of a helmet with the volume all the way up allows you to share your music with others when you're hanging out after a ride. It's quite a conversation piece. Overall we're very pleased with the purchase of Shake. It does take some fine tuning with the placement of the helmet mount to get the best sound, however there's no cord management, no sweaty, dusty earbuds to clean off and best of all you can hear all of the things around you. Headbud is good term to describe it as the music literally surrounds your head.

  • Ride headphone-free!
  • Turns almost any bicycle, skateboard or snowboard helmet into a speaker
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Rubber molded grip and water resistant
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to connect to MP3 players or mobile devices
  • Touch-sensitive on/off and volume up/down control
  • Patented SurfaceSound Technology

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